Paul Bains
I decided to invest because Navneet does amazing work... I would definitely refer him to my friends and family. He is very transparent. He keeps you up-to-date with all the projects.
Myo Thein
Even though i am a real estate investor myself with small buy and hold, the type of things his team does, and the level of operation just amazes me.
Hugh Molotsi
Investor and Former VP at Intuit
I was very, very impressed with Navneet's approach to real estate... what Navneet's doing is more high tech; both in how he monitors what's coming on the marketing and his approach to building property and engaging contractors and subs.
Slawomir Ligier
I've seen a copy of houses that he's built and I am very impressed. I like the quality of the construction and I like the business model; it all makes sense. We are getting update on a weekly basis. We can actually see properties being built in real time.
Sarathy Sribhashyam
Navneet knows what he's doing. He knows how to build homes and how to sell them. I get regular emails on how each projects are progressing. I am really glad that I invested with him and if anything I'll probably put in more money in future projects.
Ashish Chhaparwal
I like the whole transparency of what they have created. Here, you can updates every week that you feel your investment is worth it. I am very satisfied.
Nasha Fitter
Home Buyer / Customer
We found Aron Developers to be quite easy to work with; there wasn't a painful negotiation. I had a bunch of changes I wanted to make and they bent over backwards to get many of those done before close. They want out of the way to make sure it's a smooth transition for us.
Hugh Molotsi
Investor and Former VP at Intuit
I've known Navneet since Intuit for more than ten years. I've known him as a smart and driven entrepreneur. I am very impressed by his work in real estate.. Real estate is what I am interested and Navneet has developed an investment channel that I am comfortable with.
Priya Jagasia
Investor and Director at Abbott
Everytime I visited a property built by Aron Developers, the quality of the work, the asthetics, ... Seems like a home that I would live in. I would recommend my friends and families to invest in Aron Developers.
David Bianco
President of Hamilton Ridge Capital
One thing that always amazes me about Aron Developers is how good they are at finding fantastic projects at a great price. I work with many builders and developers, and am constantly amazed at how good they are at finding the lots, the single family homes.
Ivan Koon
Investor and former CEO of YouSentIt
I trust what Aron and his team can do in terms of looking at the right area to buy into and building out a beautiful and high end property.
Gary Wolk
Real Estate Developer and Entrepreneur
I am extremely impressed by the pace of development and the scope of development that you guys have been able to do so far.
Sameer Paranjpye
Investor and former VP Engineering of Yahoo!
I've watched [Navneet] grow into a savvy real estate developer that he is today, so I have a lot of confidence in his ability to choose the right project ... to create a good return for his investors.
Srinivas Varanasy
Investor and Senior Manager at Xilinx
Navneet is very forthcoming, and his honesty and integrity really comes across. I was very comfortable putting my funds into Aron Developers.