Crowdfund in Bay Area High Density Real Estate Development Projects

Who We Are?
Aron Developers is a real estate developer which focuses on building luxury homes in San Francisco Bay Area. We have finished four homes with eight more under construction. We have raised $15mm via crowd funding and private investments, with projects valued at $42mm.
Our Strategy
We seek and find large lots in best school districts in highly desirable neighborhoods in San Francisco Bay Area and our process is optimized to build high quality custom new home in record time.
Investment Offerings
We offer both preferred equity and sponsor level equity, each with different risk and return factors. Preferred equity is offered per property that historically yields 15 - 20% IRR with a shorter term. Sponsor equity is offered through membership in limited partnerships that typically yields 30% IRR with a longer term.
Industry Experience
We have close relationships with licensed contractors, architects, civil engineers, soil engineers, brokers and other functional experts in San Francisco Bay Area markets and thus is able to rebuild, list and sell properties in the market quickly.
Our Analytical Approach
Paul Bains
I decided to invest because Navneet does amazing work... I would definitely refer him to my friends and family. He is very transparent. He keeps you up-to-date with all the projects.
Myo Thein
Even though i am a real estate investor myself with small buy and hold, the type of things his team does, and the level of operation just amazes me.
Hugh Molotsi
Investor and Former VP at Intuit
I was very, very impressed with Navneet's approach to real estate... what Navneet's doing is more high tech; both in how he monitors what's coming on the marketing and his approach to building property and engaging contractors and subs.

Navneet Aron

Founder and CEO

Navneet Aron is a Silicon Valley real estate developer, entrepreneur & investor. He is the CEO of Aron Developers Inc, a real-estate development company focusing on rehab, new construction and development projects in the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market. He has lived in the SF bay area since 2001 and bought and sold real estate since 2004 in the Bay Area. Prior to Aron Developers Inc, Navneet held engineering leadership roles at prominent Silicon Valley technology companies as well as founded three technology startups. He takes great pride in running projects on-time and under budget. He holds a Master Degree from Stanford University.

Rob Dowling, LEED AP

Director of Operations

Rob brings with him a wealth of construction management and related startup experience. He has been fortunate enough to have worked for some of the most renowned and sought after general contractors and clientele in the Bay Area. Rob is eager to drive efficiency further in the real estate and construction industry and believes that through the use of technology and a collaborative, lean approach to project management and delivery, it can be achieved. Rob has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Aysha Khan

Director of Design and Purchasing

Jason Hogin

Director of Acquisition

Jorge Chang

VP Technology

Jorge oversees funding, data analysis, deal acquisition, investor relations and all other technology related functions of the organization. He has been an active real estate investor and developer since 2009 when he acquired, rehabbed and managed multiple residential properties. Prior to joining Aron Developers, Jorge held engineering leadership roles at OneFold as founding engineer, Plum District as VP Engineering and Telenav as engineering manager. He holds a Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science) from University of Waterloo.

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