Investment: Livio Building Systems, Inc.


Livio Building Systems, Inc. ( is a Technology-Driven Construction Company based in Los Altos, CA with a 30 people team in the SF Bay area and a 200+ strong team in Pune (India). We have pivoted from being a service Oriented company that is construction with extremely low margins varying from 5-12% to a more profitable product based business strategy by entering into the Panelized Steel Framing (as a Product Provider) with high Margin 75% + : Pre-Assembled Metal Stud Walls, Floors and Roof panels. Pre-fabricated Structural Steel beams, columns with welded connectors. Step by Step Lego-like Installation Instructions. Shipped to site in the order of Framing Requirement.


Large Market: $31B Steel Framing market will grow to $50B by 2030 Great Margins: >75% Gross Margin on current product sales. Strong B2B sales pipeline: Selling to contractors who build with Steel. Starting in California and move to Texas, Florida and beyond. Distribution Channels- Amazing traction from Architects, Construction Project Managers, Builders for Product Distribution. Value To Customers: 75% reduction in on-site labor hours and Approx. 50% savings in labor cost. Competitive Advantage: 100% Manufacturing in India, 0 Tariffs from USA, Govt of India Export Oriented Benefits. Defensibility: Certifications of product by US Agencies, verifiable and trusted by all building departments and inspectors (continuously expanding the moat).
PRODUCT DIRECTION: To add more Rough Trades in Livio Panels Off-site and further Reduce Labor On-Site:

Pre-installed Rough Electrical: Approx. 88% reduction in on-site rough electrical labor cost. Pre-installed Rough Plumbing: Approx. 50% reduction in on-site rough Plumbing cost. Pre-installed Insulation: Approx. 100% reduction in on-site wall, floor, roof insulation cost. Pre-Installed Rough Exterior Layers: Sheathing, Waterproofing Membrane,  Drainage,  Approx. 90% reduction in on-site labor cost in all these trades. Pre-installed Doors and Windows: Approx. 90% reduction in on-site labor cost.

We have previously raised $1.2M in our seed round at a valuation of $25M Pre-money valuation. This investment is being offered via a Convertible Note that will convert upon Series A financing. The total size of the convertible note is $2M and will convert to Series A stock at 20% discount to Series A pricing), 3% interest, and the note maturity is 31st Dec 2023.


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$1,500,000 of $2,000,000 pledged


Investment Summary

Offering Type
Series A Convertible Note
Preferred Return
3% Annual Interest
Minimum Investment
Note Maturity- 31st Dec, 2023.