Investment: Livio Building Systems


Livio Building Systems, Inc. ( is a Technology-Driven Construction Company based in Los Altos, CA with 11 people in the SF Bay area and a 200+ strong team in Pune and Bangalore in India. Our mission is to become the world's most-efficient construction company.  

Livio is disrupting the $6.8 Trillion global residential construction industry. 


1. 38  current customers with 46 active projects ranging from customers for Build or Design+Build of Custom Homes, Apartments, Town Houses, and Mixed-Use Buildings. (doubled since the beginning of this year).

2. Sales pipeline of 50+ qualified customers including Hotels, Multi-family and residential projects.

3. $1.5M - $22M contract size with 7%-12% Gross Margin  (that Livio aims to improve to 30%-40% over the next few years).

4. 95% of execution from India for each project by our 200+ strong team of Architects, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil engineers, Project Managers, and Factory crew.

5. Vertically integrated approach: In-house manufacturing of Framing with Light Gauge Steel in our factory in India - fully certified to USA building code standards by USA inspection agencies.

6. An Extremely lean / capital-efficient team/ methodology - only 4 full-time headcount in the US.

7. Highly scalable/repeatable business model that can grow to 1000s of geographic regions.

This is all possible due to:

1. Our proprietary construction management software platform that's the backbone of our operations (from the customer portal, project scheduling, subcontractor management, billing invoicing, and post-completion support)

2. Our Factory in India to make building panels (the first LGS facility outside the US to get IAPMO certification). R&D in progress to pre-run plumbing in Livio panels.

3. Our proprietary format for construction drawings for each trade (called IFCs) makes subcontractors 50% more efficient than traditional job sites).

4. Our proprietary mobile app for field workers.

5. Our remote execution methodology, processes, and team to do 95% of all execution from India including daily site inspections, and daily QA/QC on site.

6. Our Uber / Doordash - like an on-demand labor workforce management tool.

We have previously raised $1.2M in our seed round at a valuation of $25M Pre-money valuation. This investment is being offered via a Convertible Note that will convert upon Series A financing. The total size of the convertible note is $2M and will convert to Series A stock at 20% discount to Series A pricing), 3% interest, and the note maturity is 31st Dec 2023.


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$800,000 of $2,000,000 pledged


Investment Summary

Offering Type
Series a convertible note
Preferred Return
3% Annual Interest
Minimum Investment
Note Maturity- 31st Dec, 2023.