Investment: Livio Building Systems


Aron Construction, Inc. DBA Livio Building Systems is offering an investment opportunity in the company to help fuel our next phase of growth. Aron Construction was incorporated as a General Contractor in 2017.

Livio ( is a Technology-Driven Construction Company based in Los Altos, CA with a 65+ strong team in Pune, India. Our mission is to build/leverage technology tools and processes to become the world's most-efficient (and therefore cost-effective construction company in the US).

We achieve that already to a great degree using our own construction management software platform, drones, sophisticated cameras, an amazing team of engineers, smart work-processes resulting in 90% of the work for our US construction projects directly being managed by our team in Pune, India.

We also have our own factory in Pune where we design & manufacture Light Gauge Steel (LGS) panels for walls, floors, ceilings, roof, etc, and ship them to our project sites in the US (further improving quality and lowering costs).

We have signed 18 construction contracts over the last 12 months worth $45M with approximate margins of 14%. We expect to grow 300% in sales in the next 12 months. We also expect to grow margins by improving economics using our technology, team, and processes along with LGS manufacturing for our projects.

The investment is being offered via a Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement. The pre-money valuation is $25,000,000. The new capital to be raised is $2,500,000. The Preferred Investors will earn a cumulative annual dividend of 5% of their invested capital.

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$350,000 of $2,500,000 pledged


Investment Summary

Offering Type
Preferred Return
5% Cumulative Annual Dividend
Minimum Investment
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