Investment: 4898 El Camino Real preferred Equity up to 22%


This preferred equity raise is for the construction of our 28 unit condos project centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley , in the city of Los Altos. As for the current update on the project, all sets are updated per the comments received & await compilation of the same by early next week & review the same internally to ensure there are no repeat comments, We look forward to re-submit by this week itself. We are anticipating to start the grading by this year end.

This is a special offering as we have bumped up our return percentage from 15% { Phase 1} to 20% { Phase 2} with an additional 5% profit which will be distributed on a pro-rata basis among all prefered equity investors. This is the highest return percentage that Aron Developers has ever offered till date to quickly fill this round of investment. Under this offering on 4898 El Camino Real Los Altos, CA we are raising $2,000,000 which will be utilized to bridge the construction costs.

Most Importantly, The total raise of 2 million Preferred equity for 24 months under this round will be structured behind the 1st round in order of priority in payments.

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$750,000 pledged

Investment Summary

Offering Type
Preferred Equity
Preferred Return
Profit Sharing
Minimum Investment
24 months