Investment: 4898 El Camino Real preferred Equity


This preferred equity raise is for the construction of our 28 unit condos project centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley , in the city of Los Altos. The project is fully entitled by the city and we are working with the building department in order to pull our building permits and eventually begin construction. These twenty eight five-story condos exude modern luxury with larger rooftop, gym and installed solar panels along with EV chargers. ! The project is an electric one with solar integration, and in addition to this there is a two level parking facility enabling proper Garage space for each of the condos. These homes will cater to the large demand for housing by technology workers at Facebook, Apple, and Google ! We have started working with Consultants and Planners from the city to submit the building package to the city and get this 80,000 sqft project ready to be constructed in the coming 9-10 months!


4898 El Camino Real

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Preferred Equity

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$4,050,000 of $5,000,000 pledged


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Preferred Equity
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24 months