18 Units @ 475 Fair Oaks Sunnyvale

This common equity raise is for the acquisition, entitlement and build out of our new development in Sunnyvale, CA (475 N. Fair Oaks Ave. & 585 and 595 Columbia Ave.), which is comprised of 18 3-story townhomes in the heart of Sunnyvale. The project consists of three separate parcels, each of them with multiple units, which we are stitching together into one buildable site to take advantage of the higher density allowed by their zoning designations. The site is located on the corner of Fair Oaks Ave. and Columbia Ave. which is right off of Maude Ave. and just across 101 from the Sunnyvale Google, Amazon, Lockeed Martin Campuses, among others. The property is also located 1 mile from Downtown Sunnyvale and the Sunnyvale Caltrain Station!<br/><br/> We have completed our due diligence on the project and have removed contingencies on all three parcels. We have an extended close of escrow on all three properties, so are now moving full speed ahead to complete entitlements, receive our building permits and break ground on construction. Each of the units will be roughly 1900 square feet with a two car attached garage, 4 beds/3 baths, as well as a roof top deck! The term of this investment is roughly 24 months, in which time we will entitle, build out, and sell all 18 homes.

We submitted the revisions to the city of Sunnyvale and waiting on a planning commission date. We should by early next week if we can do planning commission in Feb and city council in March. We are also trying to get city approval to submit to building department concurrently in the hopes of starting construction in spring. we will keep you posted.

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We are finilizing our submission set with our consultants in order to submit to planning early next week.  We also are finilizing our preperations for our neighborhood meeting on Tuesday evening at 6pm.

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Planning has completed their review of our submission and we are working with our consultants to make final updates to the submission package.  All notifications are out for our official community meeting which is scheduled for January 21st.

We are awaiting the review of our third submission to the Planning Department. We anticipate receiving completion confirmation from them next week. After being deemed complete, we will be able to host our official community meeting.

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We have resubmitted our Planning submission to the City of Sunnyvale. We are hopeful that this will be our last submission prior to being heard at the Planning Commission. The schedule currently calls for us to be deemed complete early January, followed by our community meeting in mid-January. At which point, we would be able to be heard at the Planning Commission.

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On Fair Oaks, we completed our final round submission end of last week, and followed up this week with our updated renderings and material board for planning staff's review.  We are awaiting planning and other departments responses by January 2nd before switching gears to organizing our community meeting for the project, which is tentatively scheduled for January 15th.  We also have been actively meeting with community organized groups in order to win their support on the project.  The fact that our project is converting apartment units, which currently are unused by the current owner and unavailable to the public, into high quality housing for the community, is going a long way with the groups who have engaged in our project.  We are currently on track to not have any outspoken pushback on our project that we know of, as we head into planning commission and city council hearings. Which is just how we like it!

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On Fair Oaks, we initiated neighbor outreach and discussions with community groups as we approach our public meeting for the project in January.  We have finalized updated plan sets for our third and final submission before preparing for our planning commission hearing.

We had a follow up meeting with staff regarding comments received from our study session with planning commissioners. We have a pre-submission meeting on wednesday of this week with staff to confirm we have adequately addressed both staff and commissioners comments. The objective of the meeting on Wednesday will be to be cleared to be put on the planning commission schedule.


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We had our Study Session with the City of Sunnyvale last week and received mixed feedback from both the Public and the Commissioners. As a next step, we have a meeting with the Planning staff. After our internal meeting, we hope that we will be able to be put on the official Planning Commission schedule.

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We have submitted the presentation materials to planning to be heard at the Planning Commission Study Session which is scheduled for Monday of next week. After that session, we will make any necessary modifications and resubmit in preparation to be heard at Planning Commission.

We provided all documentation this week to planning staff in preperation for our November 25th study session with the planning commission.  The purpose of this meeting is to give planning commission staff the opportunity to give suggestions and input on the project prior to the public hearing process.

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We are scheduled to be heard for a Study Session with the Planning Department Nov 25th. We are working to compile the Landscaping and Architectural requirements that are necessary to be heard on the agenda. Simultaneous efforts are being made to respond to the second-round comments from the City of Sunnyvale.

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We are currently working on reaching out to neighborhood as well as planning commissioners ahead of the  Nov 25 Planning Commission Study Session. We are also working on submitting in parallel to the City based on last round of comments.

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Study sessions with the planning commissioners is scheduled for Nov 25th as the city could not fit us in the agenda for schedule for Nov 6th. Structural Engineer has been finalized and we are moving forward with bid packages to start putting the budget.


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We had a meeting with the planner this morning to review their most recent comments. The meeting was successful and at this point staff is likely putting us on schedule for planning commission study session on Nov 6th. This project will need to go through 2 major mile stones: 1) Planning commission approval and 2) City council approval. The fact that we have achieved staff support so quickly is a major milestone and we are hoping to keep the momentum going.


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Checkout the video of the current rendering : https://youtu.be/FOhmw0-X1aE

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We received comments from the City of Sunnyvale. The site plan was tentatively approved by all departments which is a large milestone. We are working to address all comments and are targeting resubmission in the next couple weeks.


We received 2nd round feedback from the City of Sunnyvale today. The team is processing the feedback and will work with all the consultants to turn around back to the city as quickly as possible.

We are waiting on the City for the feedback at this time. We are working on exterior renderings. Also selecting structrual engineer for the project.

The team submitted the 2nd round planning submission set this week. We are now waiting on the feedback which should take about 30 days. The team will internally work on renderings and budgets.

Over the last several weeks, the team has iterated over different layouts of the project and finally the team is ready to submit a version of plans to the project that meets the requirements of various agencies. We expect the submittal to be early next week.

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All of our consultants are busy completing the formal submission sets and we expect to submit for the 2nd round of review by end of next week. 

We had a major breakthrough this week with city of Sunnyvale agreeing to our latest revision of site plan keeping all 18 units intact and moving things around to satisfy various constrains from different agencies. The team is now working on a formal 2nd round submission which we are targeting end of next week.

We had a meeting with different departments and agencies and had a sucessful outcome that we were able to find a site plan with the possibility of not  comprimising a unit on the project. We have submitted into the city and are waiting on their feedback.


This week we completed another quick iteration with the City on the Site Plan. The architect made several changes to the site plan to address the concerns of the City Planner as well as Waste Management. We provided the revision to the City and received their comments. Unfortuantely, city is still pushing back on our design.

We have an in-person meeting scheduled with the City Staff on Monday and we are hoping to come to a resolution.


Earlier this week, we met with City Planning Staff to discuss their feedback on trash enclosure, street curb cut locations, amongst few other issues. Today afternoon, we received feedback from city pushing back on our proposal and asking us to reduce the unit count from 18 to 17. We are planning to pushing back and try to find other solutions to address City's concerns.

There has been several iterations over last couple weeks with Waste Management Department about the size,location of trash and recycle contrainers and serviceability of them by Waste Management Department. The team is working hard to get the buy in from City of Sunnyvale while balancing several other constraints. We will continue to work internally as well as with City Staff next week to arrive to an acceptable resolution.

The architect has completed a revision to the Site Plan that was needed to address Waste Managment's requirements and we are waiting on feedback from City. Upon the satisfaction of that department, our team will revise the plans and resubmit formally for round 2. Target is end of next week.

Our architect incorporated the feedback from various agencies and sent a revision back to City. The agency with most concern was Waste Management and at the moment we are still negotiating an acceptable solution for the Waste Management department. Early next week, we will turn around to the City again and try to get the buy in from the Waste Management. At that point, our consultants can submit to all agencies for round 2 of planning.

Our team met with several agencies at City of Sunnyvale yesterday and reviewed the first round of comments that were provided to us. Based on the feedback, we are having to adjust the site plan to accomodate the needs of the Waste Management Department. We expect to resubmit plans to the city in next 2 weeks.

City of Sunnyvale provided feedback after their review on Wednesday. We are working with consultants to review and turn around the comments within next 2 weeks.

We are waiting on citys comments on July 3rd. At that point we will work with our consultants to incorporate the feedback and re-sumbit to the city within 2 weeks.

City of Sunnyvale has set the review and comments date to be July 3rd. We are scheduling our consultants to promtly incorporate the feedback and re-submit to the city within 2 weeks.

The City assigned us a Planner. We are waiting on City of Sunnyvale for the feedback. The Planning Review Committee date is set to July 3. 

City of Sunnyvale assigned us the planner for the project and set a feedback date for July 3rd. We are trying to work with city to move in the date to June 19th.  Otherwise, we will need to wait till July 3rd  for their feedback.

Yesterday, we submitted the project application for the 18 home project to the Planning Department at City of Sunnyvale. This was a major milestone with several consultants working hard to meet the date and our operations team tightly coordinating the submittal. 


We are now waiting for the formal feedback from various agencies at City of Sunnyvale and are expecting it in mid of June. 

We are getting all set to submit the first round planning submission to City of Sunnyvale tomorrow Friday 5/24/19. We have set this target date a month ago and it was an aggressive goal requiring multiple consultants to do their parts on time while closely coordinating their work with each other. We are happy that team was able to pull it off. The team is working on submitting some technical reports over the next few days. We will be waiting on City of Sunnyvale feedback on our submission.

We are getting ready to submit the first round planning submission to City of Sunnyvale. All consultants are busy wrapping up their respective pieces. Please see attached elevations for the buildings. 

Front elevations   option 2 1 copy Screenshot 2019 05 17 15.09.56

We are getting ready to submit the plans to city of Sunnyvale planning department on May 24th. We are completing technical studies currently.

We iterated the site plans and the unit layouts with the architect a few times and have provided the updated the site plan and the building layouts to the Civil Engineer, Landscape Designer and other Consultants. Every resource is working on their respective pieces for a target submittal date of May 31st The floor plans are finalized and units will have the following: 
  • 2 car attached garage, 1 large den with a half Bath on the 1st floor.
  • Large living area and Kitchen with a half Bathon the 2nd floor .
  • 3 Bedrooms and 2 full Baths on the 3rd floor.
  • Roof top deck.

We are proposing 18 home project in Sunnyvale - 3 stories with attached 2 car garages, 4 bed, 3.5 bath and roof-top decks (preliminary site plan attached): We have hired the Architect, Civil Engineer and a Landscape Architect for this project. We are also working diligently with several consultants to put together the 1st round planning submission by end of May. 

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