349 Blue Oak Ln, Los Altos

The investment involves the rebuild and sale of a single family home in Los Altos, CA. The Sponsor will rebuild and sell the property within 12-14 months.<br/><br/> The Sponsor, Aron Developers LLC, has successfully built several high-end homes in the near vicinity of the property. Aron Developers LLC have successfully funded four projects through the RealtyShares platform, completed two projects successfully ahead of schedule, and currently have two projects in progress which are also on schedule.

Luxury Living

Aron Developers Inc. is a technology driven Real Estate Development company. We started in 2013 with the mission to revolutionize real estate development by using best in class software tools or build our own software tools in the four core areas of our business - acquisition/diligence, capital formation, operations and sales.

Now that the Holiday season has subsided, we put Blue Oak back on the market this past Friday and held open houses last weekend. We had a number of parties attend and are working closely with our listing agent to see the property through to sale.

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We had a number of parties attend last weekend's open house. There is another open house this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 1:30pm-4:30pm. If you know anyone who may be interested in attending, feel free to pass along the word. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been addressing the City of Los Altos' final inspection comments. During that time period, we completed all landscaping and addressed all punch list items. Last week we received the Certificate of Occupancy. 

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The team made excellent progress this week. All interior items are complete with the exception of the master closet and baseboard. On the exterior, the deck is almost complete and the stone work will be completed over the weekend. As soon as the hardscape is done, we will be moving the crew to finish the landscaping. The end product looks great and we are excited to share it with you all this Wednesday for the premier!
Img 0520 Img 0521 Img 0522 Img 0523
We have finished exterior painting, interior painting, tiles, counter top, most plumbing items, wine storage, and electrical and light fixtures. The teams are working on exterior hardscaping, flooring and kitchen appliances. We are aiming to finish construction in one week.
Img 7399 Img 7400 Img 7401 Img 7402 Img 7403 Img 7404 Img 7405 Img 7406 Img 7407 Img 7408 Img 7409
All interior tile and stone work has been completed. The team is in the middle of painting the interior. Utilities have been hooked up and drainage installed. The crew has begun working on the driveway, front yard and backyard. We are on schedule to complete the project in October.

We are exploring the sale of property with a couple of potential buyers at this time. If you have any friends or family, who would like to buy this beautiful property, please let them know that this is the last chance to get it before construction complete and goes on MLS in 2nd half of this month.
Img 7314 Img 7315 Img 7316 Img 7318 Img 7319 Img 7320
All drywall work is now complete and interior trim is almost done. Cabinets were delivered this week and will be installed by beginning of next. The tile work will also begin beginning of next week. The street trenching to get power and gas to the house has been inspected and is ready to be paved. The finish trades will be working hard during these coming weeks to prepare the home for occupancy!
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Drywall is scheduled to be completed beginning of next week. As soon as drywall is complete, we will begin to have finishing trades in the house. Exterior siding is also scheduled to be completed next week. Painting of the exterior will closely follow the siding work. We have also made great progress on the metal roof which will finish next week.
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Drywall screw inspection has passed and taping and mudding has begun. Building paper has been completed on the exterior of the house as we prepare for exterior siding. The cedar exterior fence along Yerba Buena has been completed.
Img 7181 Img 7183 Img 7184 Img 7186 Img 7187 Img 7188 Img 7189 Img 7192
Metal roof fabrication is complete and gutters have been installed. Insulation has been completed and energy inspection has passed. Drywall just started yesterday and we have also started to put up a cedar fence along the corner of the property.
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All windows and doors have been installed. The building paper has been installed and the metal roof material is being fabricated on site. All rough-in trades passed inspection today which is a huge milestone for the team! We are now able to start insulation and drywall.
Blue oak  roof paper Blue oak  rough in Blue oak  rough in1
Window and door installation is almost complete. The plumber has also started rough-in and the mechanical, electrical and fire sprinkler contractor will be following close behind him.
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The team is making great progress out on site and are almost completed with framing. Windows and doors are scheduled to be delivered and installed beginning of next week. Rough-in of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing is set to begin towards the end of next week.
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349 Blue Oak is quickly taking shape, as framing is proceeding along nicely. We have all wall framing complete, walls have been squared, ceiling framing is complete, and roof framing is just beginning. Framing is scheduled to be complete July 15th. At that time, rough-in for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will begin.
7 5 2016 %281%29 7 5 2016 %282%29 7 5 2016 %283%29 7 5 2016
Subfloor is installed and framing of walls has begun. Also, in a revolutionary tech enabled effort, we have put Blue Oak on MLS. We had the Brokers tour on 06/17 and open house 06/18. We have scheduled open house dates for June 23rd (5-7pm) and June 25/26th (1:30-4:30pm). We are extremely excited about the feedback we have gotten thus far and eager to receive offers. For detailed property listing, please visit https://www.arondevelopers.com/properties/349-blue-oak. Please share the property on social media to generate more awareness.
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Framing has started. All the rough plumbing are in place and framing of the floor joists are finished. Framing for the subfloor and walls will begin next week after plumbing inspection. We have decided to postpone the open house tour for one week, so that we can have the final renderings finished. Material selections have all been finalized.
Img 6477 Img 6479
Foundation is completed. Click here to see live view of the project. Lumber is delivered to the site for framing, which will start Monday morning.

We are planning to bring the property to market (MLS) next week, and will have brokers' tour next Friday. Our agent Hiep Nguyen will host open house tours on site next weekend. If you know of any friends and family who might be interested in the property, please let them know.
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We have raised construction financing. Grading is complete. Preparing for foundation. The design team and realtor are putting together a go-to-market package.
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We have received building permit for 349 Blue Oak. We are putting together construction financing for this project and will begin construction mid next week.
We have signed contract with demolition contractor. We expect to complete the demolition by next week. We are working to put construction financing in place for the project. Additionally, the contract with 3d modeling is signed. The first draft of the 3d walk-through will be ready in two weeks.
We submitted round 2 to City of Los Altos for planning review. Additionally, we have signed contract with our general contractor.
Interior design is in full swing. We are waiting on comments from building department on our submission. We have chosen a general contractor for this project.
We received planning approval on 2/18 on the project and have submitted to the building department on 2/19/2016.
We received the first round of comments from City of Los Altos planning department. All the comments were minor and our architect and civil engineers resolved them quickly. We re-submitted the updates today. Concurrently, we are preparing for building submission with full civil, structural, electrical and landscape plans.
We are expecting to receive response from City of Los Altos regarding our building permit submission next week. There was a delay due to Christmas holidays. Our architect and civil engineers are actively working on a full set of plans for our general contractors.
We submitted building permit package on 12/14/2015 to City of Los Altos. We are looking forward to hearing from them within the next 10 days.
The acquisition of 349 Blue Oak Ln in Los Altos, CA is complete. We secured first lien and preferred equity to close the transaction. We are preparing the building permit package and will submit to City of Los Altos this month. We have again retained Lea & Braze Engineering as civil engineering for this project. Architecture plans are being finalized.