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Nestled in Los Altos Hills this home is where classic contemporary meets comfort, privacy, and convenience. Brand new construction! Built by Aron Developers and designed by prestigious architect, Gary Kohlsaat. This contemporary property provides a modern open floor plan as every room enjoys natural light along with an indoor/outdoor luxury lifestyle. Terrific floor plan! The property features quality finishes including professional grade appliances, Quartz countertops, hardwood flooring, expensive La Cantina patio/deck doors, Anderson windows. Set on 0.57+/- acres of privacy and serenity yet only minutes from downtown Los Altos. This home embodies classic, clean lines that will never go out of style. Sought after Los Altos Schools.

5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths

5100 square feet home

0.57 acre lot

Loyola Elementary School - K to 6 - API: 954 (10/10)

Georgina P. Blach Junior High School - 7 to 8 - API: 958 (10/10)

Mountain View High School - 9 to 12 - API: 861 (9/10)




Floor Plans

  • Main Floor Plan
  • Lower Floor Plan
  • Rear & Left Elevation
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Interested in learning more about this home?

Construction Updates

On Whitham, construction is moving along really well.  For Lot 1, we are completing exterior sewer and utility connection work and working on interior insulation and dry wall work.  For Lot 2, we are completing the last of the framing work and have rough trade work going on.  Again, both homes are pre-sold in non-contingent contracts.

Lot 1 is now nearing framing completion. We will soon be installing windows and starting plumbing, electrical and mechanical installation. On Lot 2, the first floor joists are now complete and we are prepping to begin framing of the first floor.

The foundation on the first floor of both homes is nearing completeion.  Framing on lot 1 is well underway, and the second floor walls are making great progress which will be followed by framing of the roof.

Lot 2, framing is just begginning.  We have a completion date of early April, which we are pushing aggresively towards.

Our property renderings are complete (and attached), material selection is completed, and we are going live this week with the homes on MLS!

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The foundation for the garage and for the first floor of Lot 1 was inspected however there were a few correction items that need to be addressed. We are hoping to get it reinspected this week and pour. The framing will continue once those pieces of the foundation are complete. On Lot 2, the retaining walls along the rear of the property and at the driveway are complete. The waterproofing, drainage, and backfilling are about 80% complete. The foundation for the garage and the 1st floor will commence once the basement walls have been fully backfilled.

2018 01 15 11.08.43 2018 01 15 11.08.46 2018 01 15 11.09.26 2018 01 15 11.09.52 2018 01 15 11.10.05 2018 01 15 11.10.07 2018 01 15 11.10.58

On Lot 1, the foundation for the first floor and the garage are nearly complete. As soon as we have the foundation poured, we will frame the first floor. On Lot 2, the basement walls are now poured, and the backyard retaining walls are complete. Waterproofing of the basement walls is making progress and when done will be begin backfilling.

Img 8619 Img 8621 Img 8620 Img 8623

On Lot 1, the foundation footings are excavated and the piers have been drilled. We will be pouring and then will be framing the first floor. On Lot 2, the basement wall reinforcement is complete and will be setting inside forms in preparation for pouring the walls. We are also working to complete the retaining walls behind Lot 2 that will support the eventual lawn.

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On Lot 1, we are working on the foundation for the first floor. The footings have been excavated and we will be working on reinforcement and forming next week. Once the foundation is poured, we will continue the framing of the first floor and then begin to stand the walls. On Lot 2, the slab has been poured and reinforcement is at 50% for the walls. As soon as inspection has passed, we will be forming and pouring the basement walls.

Img 8516 Img 8517 Img 8518 Img 8519 Img 8520

Backfilling of the Lot 1 basement walls are complete and will now be working on the first-floor foundation so we can complete framing. On Lot 2, the slab is poured and we are now working to form and pour the basement walls as quickly as possible.

Img 8486 Img 8487 Img 8488

On Lot 1, the first-floor framing is now nearing completion. The backfilling of the basement walls will be done in "lifts" in order to ensure proper compaction. On Lot 2, the waterproofing is complete and now the construction crew is working on the structural reinforcement of the slab.

Img 8407 Img 8408 Img 8410 Img 8411

On Lot 1, the first-floor framing is underway. Waterproofing of the basement walls is now complete and backfilling of the walls is progressing. There is additional foundation work for the second floor which is required once backfill is complete. On Lot 2, the under-slab plumbing is complete and waterproofing is progressing. Structural reinforcement will be completed over the next two weeks. 

2017 10 12 16.07.11 2017 10 12 16.08.06 2017 10 12 16.08.08 2017 10 12 16.09.46 2017 10 12 16.10.05

Lot 1 forms have been stripped, waterproofing has started, and we are preparing to start interior wall framing. Lot 2 plumbing is complete and we are preparing to backfill and begin underslab waterproofing.

Img 8342 Img 8343 Img 8345 Img 8346 Img 8348

As you know we acquired the property in Jan 2017 with the purpose to build 2 new homes on the site. The original goal was to complete the project in 12 months - by Jan 2018.

Like we have mentioned in the past updates, the extensive rains in Winter as well as soil conditions delayed the project by about 4-5 months.  We will be working on refinancing or extending the exisiting construction loan appropriately.

On Lot 1, the concrete walls for the basement are going to be poured tomorrow. The pour was scheduled for last week, but due to inspection issues with the County, we were forced to push that date. On Lot 2, we are working on plumbing prior to starting structural reinforcement for the slab.

2017 09 22 15.05.08 2017 09 22 15.05.15 2017 09 22 15.06.39 2017 09 22 15.06.43 2017 09 22 15.06.46

On Lot 1, we are pushing to pour concrete this week for the basement walls. As soon as we complete the basement walls, we will begin waterproofing and backfill in preparation to frame the walls. On Lot 2, we are completing the plumbing trenches and preparation for the slab.

2017 09 15 14.40.31 2017 09 15 14.41.23 2017 09 15 14.41.27 2017 09 15 14.41.29 2017 09 15 14.42.10 2017 09 15 14.42.11

The construction team has started forming and reinforcement for the basement walls on Lot 1. We will continue this work next week. On Lot 2, they are starting outside forms for the slab and will be working on subgrade and reinforcement for the slab this week.

Img 8141 Img 8143 Img 8144 Img 8145

On Lot 1, we just poured the slab and will now start forming and putting in the structural reinforcement for the basement walls. On Lot 2, we also just poured all the piers. There are over 30 piers extending 18 feet to support the lower house foundation. We will now start preparing the basement slab.

Img 8116 Img 8117 Img 8118 Img 8119 Img 8120

On Lot 1, the slab reinforcement is complete and we are ready to pour. On Lot 2, cages are being built for the piers. Due to the slope of the lot, we have 35+ piers at varying depths.

Img 8070 Img 8071 Img 8073 Img 8074

On Lot 1, all under slab rough-in is complete and we are finishing up the slab reinforcement. We are hoping to pour at the beginning part of next week. On Lot 2, we have received final pad certification and all piers have been drilled. The drainage around the perimeter of the basement walls is also complete. Due to the soil issues we had at the beginning of the project, we are doing everything we can to crash the schedule and minimize durations and optimise dependencies.

Img 8046 Img 8047 Img 8050 Img 8051

On Lot 1, the piers have been poured and we are currently working on under slab plumbing for the basement level. Next week we will continue under slab plumbing and work on concrete. On Lot 2, we are importing dirt and building up the last remaining section of the building pad in order to start concrete work. We are spreading and compacting in 8" lifts so it is a very time-consuming process in order to ensure the building pad is properly built. We are working closely with the Soils Engineer to ensure that we are abiding by his recommendations during this process.

Img 0978 Img 0980 Img 0981

On Lot 1, we received approval from the Soils Engineer today to place the rebar in the piers and pour concrete. We will be pouring the concrete next week. On Lot 2, we are still grading the site. The drainage and soils conditions have made this particular site quite difficult. We are hoping to hand it off to the concrete contractor next week.

Img 0960 Img 0961 Img 0963

Whitham Lot 1 perimeter footings are now excavated and interior footings are nearing completion. We will be drilling the piers next week. On Lot 2, we continue to mix native and import material and compact so we can satisfy the requirements of the soils engineer. 

Img 0890 Img 0891 Img 0894 Img 0895

Grading for Lot 1 is complete and concrete layout is progressing. We are currently importing dirt due to a requirement from the soil engineer requesting that the soil on-site be mixed with non-native, dry, soil. This has caused about a three-week delay in the grading progress. Grading work will continue on Lot 2 over the next two weeks. Meanwhile, we are eager to concurrently make progress on the Lot 1 concrete.

Img 0868 Img 0869 Img 0870 Img 0872

Lot 1 pad is now complete and the concrete contractor is setting elevations in preparation to start formwork. On Lot 2, we ran into some unanticipated soil conditions. Due to saturated conditions, we are having to over-excavate and import non-native soil to address the soil engineers concern. We are hoping to have the Lot 2 building pad complete is the next two weeks.

Img 0829 Img 0830 Img 0831

Grading work is progressing quickly now that the soil has dried out quite a bit. The Lot 1 building pad is nearing completion. Lot 2, the lower lot, retaining wall will be starting shortly so we can backfill against to complete the building pad. We have also started working to finalize the exterior design renderings.

Img 0787 Img 0788 Img 0789 Img 0790 Lot1 00002 Lot2 00001

The recent storms have slowed us down in our grading progress to date but with a break in the weather being shown in the coming forecast, we are hopeful to catch up. Grading re-started again today and the Lot 1 building pad is nearing completion. We will be working our way down the hill to build up the Lot 2 building pad. 

The site work has just started with the grading for the two homes. We have been value-engineering the design over the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so until we have the design that yields the best value.

Img 0670 Img 0668 Img 0669 Img 0671

All fees have been paid and the permit is ready to be pulled in order to begin construction. We have been working closely with the contractors and consultants on this project so we can hit the ground running. We will begin mobilization next week.

Screen shot 2017 01 20 at 5.52.46 pm Whitham 1 front right view 03.04.16 Whitham 1 front view 03.04.16