315 Quinnhill Ave, Los Altos

<p>The investment involves the rebuild and sale of a single family home in Los Altos, CA. The Sponsor is expecting to rebuild and sell the property within 14 months.</p> <p>The team has successfully developed several high-end residential properties in the vicinity over the past decade.</p> <p>The Sponsor is in contract to purchase the property in late April. Accordingly, the primary objective of this investment is to (1) purchase the property, (2) complete the rebuild work upon closing of the transaction, and (3) sell the property after 14 months.</p>

Luxury Living

Aron Developers Inc. is a technology driven Real Estate Development company. We started in 2013 with the mission to revolutionize real estate development by using best in class software tools or build our own software tools in the four core areas of our business - acquisition/diligence, capital formation, operations and sales.

We just had a second week of open home. We are expecting to receive a couple of offers this week.
We listed the property on MLS on April 18, priced at $5.5M. We had an agent/broker tour today where 60 agents toured the properties. They are all impressed with the quality of the product. We have scheduled an open house for this weekend. We are excited about the offers that will come over the next few weeks.

For detailed listing of the property, as well as video and 3D tour, please visit the listing page. Please share the property on social media to generate more awareness.
Here are some pictures of the staged home. Ready for listing soon!
315quinnhill kitch1 315quinnhill fr2 315quinnhill ext1 315quinnhill dr1 315quinnhill 5br 315quinnhill 4bath
Construction is complete! The house is being staged right now. Photographer and videographer will come in early next week to produce marketing materials prepped for MLS listing.
Img 6178 Img 6175 Img 6174 Img 6171 Img 6170 Img 6167 Img 6155 Img 6200 Img 6199 Img 6198
We are nearing the completion of construction. Exterior landscaping is almost done - paving stones, stamp concrete are laid and sod and trees are planted. Flooring is finished and plumbing fixtures are installed. Next week is clean up and then we are ready for occupancy certification.
Img 6145 Img 6144 Img 6143 Img 6140 Img 6139
Painting and tile installation is complete. Fencing and retaining walls are almost complete. We are putting up lighting fixtures, home theatre and counter tops. Flooring will be installed next week.
Img 6056 Img 6055 Img 6054 Img 6053 Img 6052 Img 6051 Img 6050 Img 6049 Img 6047 Img 6046
Painting is almost complete. Tile installation is in progress. Exterior drainage is almost complete. We have begun forming back patio and retaining walls in the backyard. Unfortunately, due to recent and upcoming bad weather, the completion date of the project has been delayed by two weeks. However, we are still several months ahead of the originally forecasted completion date of October 2016.
Img 5956 Img 5955 Img 5954 Img 5953 Img 5952 Img 5951 Img 5949 Img 5948 Img 5947 Img 5946
Cabinets have all been installed. We have begun painting trim, doors and walls. Exterior trellis is installed. We have begun grading the backyard in preparation for hardscape, landscape and irrigation.
Img 5900 Img 5901 Img 5902 Img 5903 Img 5904
Exterior siding has been installed and painted. Sheet rock and texturing is complete. We have begun installing cabinets and trim. Next week, we will begin counter top fabrication and install other tile and stone in bathrooms.
Img 8028 Img 8029 Img 8031 Img 8032 Img 8033 Img 8034
Sheet rock is complete. Texturing and taping is in progress. Exterior siding installation is almost complete.
Img 5483 Img 5482 Img 5481 Img 5480 Img 5479 Img 5478
Sheet rock installation is almost complete. Exterior siding is in progress. Next step is sheet rock texturing and finish.
Img 5462 Img 5461 Img 5459 Img 5458
Insulation has been installed. Next step is sheet rock, after which will be wall texture, interior trim and cabinets.
Img 5339 Img 5337 Img 5336
Electrical, HVAC and plumbing trades have finished rough-in installation. Roof shingles, windows and doors are installed. Next step is installation of insulation and sheetrock.
Img 5271 Img 5269 Img 5268 Img 5267
Roof underlayment has been laid. The roof is now water proof. HVAC, plumbing and insulation are working on rough-in items like venting, water lines, gas lines and sewage lines.
Img 6869 Img 6868 Img 6864 Img 6862 Img 6866
Roof deck is complete. The team will install roof underlayment next.
Img 4950 Img 4947
Roof rafters are in place. It is ready for roof decking to be installed.
Img 6602 Img 6603
Framing of the roof is underway.
Img 6103
The exterior walls have started going in.
Img 6242 Img 6245
Framing has started going up at the site.
Quinnhill framing 1 Quinnhill framing 2
Following the foundation, band joist and floor joist work is currently in process.
Quinnhill update4 Quinnhill update3
The project is ready with forms for foundation to pour in tomorrow.
Quinnhill update2 Quinnhill update
We received planning department's approval on the plans and moved straight away to the next phase of the project - building department approval process on July 7.

We expect to receive their comments on plans by Aug 7. And from that point another 4 -8 weeks to receive the building permit.
We submitted plans to City of Los Altos Planning Department yesterday, May 26. We are expecting to receive first round of comments in 3 weeks. Stay tuned.
We are pleased to announce that 315 Quinnhill Rd closed on April 30th, 2015 with a total funding of $845,000. You should expect to receive your first monthly payment by June 15th and this will cover the period from 04/30/15 to 06/10/15.