Project: 4 SFRs @ Aron Ct. (1320 Talbryn Dr. Belmont)


Lot Size
58806 sqft
Square Feet
12800 sqft
16 /16

1320 Talbryn Dr is located on four large parcels in the city of Belmont. These are approved, buildable lots, with lot lines already set, and pending recording. The project is a short distance from Hwy 101 and 280, and centrally located between South Bay and San Francisco. The Belmont Caltrain station and a wide selection of excellent restaurants and shopping along El Camino are all just a short walk away. It is a very desirable city where people who work in San Francisco and desire top tier schools.

The new homes will be within the enrollment boundaries of Central Elementary (10), Central Middle (10) and Calmont High (10).

The proposed new homes will have excellent view of the San Francisco Bay as the lots sit on a hillside that is gently sloped towards Hwy 101. Each home will have 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and attached 2 car garages.

Lot 1:

On the exterior, we have completed final coat of Stucco this week. Will start hardwood flooring installation going tomorrow onward.. On the inside, the finish coat of painting is expected to get completed by early next week. Garage doors are installed and exterior hand rails installation is scheduled to start next week . 


Lot 2:

Framing is almost complete and we are scheduled for Shear Inspection early next week. All the interior doors are schedules to arrive next week. All the rough trades are expected to start working inside the house starting early next week or two. The retaining wall footings were inspected and passed this next week. We are preparing to pour concrete on the footings next week. 


Lot 3:

Framing of the house if in full progress and all walls are standing. We will be getting the truss calculations next week, post which we can get the truss delivered. Also the retaining walls outside the perimeter are being constructed and we have passed retaining walls inspections this week.


Lot 4: 

On the interior, finish coat of painting is completing next week. All the cabinets and vanities were installed this week next week and bathroom vanities are expected to be installed by this weekend. All front doors have been installed and exterior tiles installation completed.  Final plumbing and light fixtures are ready to be installed from next week.  

Img 4043 Img 4633 Img 6486 Img 6603 Img 7772 Img 7953 Img 8522 Img 8848 Img 1496

Lot 1:

On the exterior, we will complete final coat of Stucco early next week. Will start stocking hardwood flooring material next week. On the inside, painting is expected to get completed by this weekend. Vanities are expected to finish installation by this weekend and garage doors to be installed next week. 


Lot 2:

Framing of both floors is almost complete and we are gearing up for the Shear Inspection by next week. Measurement of all opening have been taken for the windows installations, windows are expected to arrive in a couple of weeks. All the rough trades are expected to start working inside the house within a week or two. The retaining wall construction outside the perimeter of the building is in full swing and we are all set to drop cages and get them inspected early next week. 


Lot 3:

Framing of the house if in full progress and all walls are standing. Also the retaining walls outside the perimeter are being constructed and we have inspections for the retaining walls next Tuesday. 


Lot 4: 

On the interior, painting is completing this week. We are getting ready to install cabinets early next week and bathroom vanities are expected to be installed by this weekend. All front doors are scheduled for delivery and installation early next week. We are stocking hardwood flooring material and start installation in couple of weeks. On the outside, the final stucco coat has completed. 

Img 1535 Img 1533 Img 1532 Img 1531 Img 1530 Img 1529 Img 1528 Img 1527 Img 1526 Img 1524 Img 1523

Lot 1:

On the exterior, we completed brown coat of Stucco and the color mixes for the final coat is finalized.  On the inside, painting of doors is complete and first coat of painting is underway.


Lot 2:

Framing of both floors is complete and we are waiting for Roof Trusses to be delivered which were approved this week. Also the layout of the mechanical room, duct work, soffits has been finalized. The architect has completed making the plans modifications to be submitted to the city for the roof lowering changes as well as the addition of windows to the living room. We expect roof trusses to be on site early next week and be able to have sheer inspection in 2 weeks, ready for all rough trades to work in the house. The retaining wall construction has also started outside the perimeter of the building.


Lot 3:

Framing of the lower floor is underway and all walls are standing. Also the retaining walls outside the perimter are being constructed and lowest walls passed inspection earlier today.


Lot 4: 

On the interior, painting is in full swing and we are getting ready to install cabinets, bathroom vanities, hardwood flooring over the next couple weeks.  We also expect to do the finish coat of stucco with approved color mix next week.

Img 1275 Img 1276 Img 1277 Img 1278 Img 1279 Img 1280 Img 1281 Img 1282 Img 1283 Img 1284 Img 1285 Img 1286 Img 1288 Img 1289

Lot 1: Drywall is 100% completed. Interior Tiling is 75% completed. Scratch Coat of Stucco Completed and Passed Inspection. Painting will be Starting on 8/5.

Lot 2: Both Floors have been framed and sheered(plywood complete). We have modified the floor plans, added windows  to expand the gorgeous views and dropped roof height from 14' to 10' to in a section of house to open up the views for Lot 1 home. Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical subcontractors have walked the job and ready to start immediately upon passing of Sheer inspection. We are awaiting Roof Truss delivery and installation upon which we can call for Sheer Inspection.


Lot 3: Framing has started. There are 6 retaining walls that need to be built outside the house and construction of retaining walls has started. Today 2 of them passed rebar inspection and concrete will be poured this weekend.


Lot 4: Drywall is 100% complete. Painting underway. Tile installation on the interior of the home is 100% complete. On the exterior, Siding installation is 100% complete. For Stucco, Brown Coat is 100% completed. We are waiting on final color mix and as soon as that's finalized, final coat of Stucco will be completed.

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LOT 1:

Retaining Walls on Lot 1 has been poured. Lath 100% completed including corners and expansion joint, all set to start scratch coat next week and scratch coat inspection is scheduled for Friday (8/2) . Drywall to be 100% completed including prep and sand by next Friday (8/2). Painting contract has been finalized. 


LOT 2:

Framing in progress looking forward to schedule sheer inspection.All windows have been delivered. 


LOT 3:

Waterproofing and backfilling tier 2 and 3 is 100% completed. Rebar footing inspection scheduled on 7/30 and looking forward to pour on 7/31. Lumber is delivered on site for framing to start. 


LOT 4:

Stucco Brown coat is completed on the outside. Drywall to be 100% completed including prep and sand by next Tuesday (7/30) . Painting to start by next week. Tiles installation inside the house to be completed by 7/27. 


Cul De Sac:

Site Utilities engineering design for PG&E, Water, Storm, Sewer is being finalized and contracts negotiated with general engineering subcontractors. Work is expected to begin within next 2 weeks.

Img 2310 Img 2308 Img 2307 Img 2306 Img 2304 Img 2303 Img 2302 Img 2254 Img 2253

LOT 1:

Lath completed and Lath inspection passed. Drywall hanging and taping is completed. Shower pan waterproofing complete and inspections passed. Topping and skimming will be worked on next week. 

LOT 2:

Framing of 2nd floor walls in progress.

LOT 3:

Waterproofing behind retaining walls and backfilling  to start framing is completed. Looking forward to gettting framing started ASAP.

LOT 4:

Stucco Scratch coat is completed on the outside. Drywall Topping is completed on the inside. Drywall skimming in underway and will continue next week. Also Outside retaining walls are being formed and concrete will be poured on 7/23.


Cul De Sac:

Site Utilities engineering design for PG&E, Water, Storm, Sewer is being finalized and contracts negotiated with general engineering subcontractors. Work is expected to begin within next 2 weeks.

Img 2142 Img 2136 Img 2135 Img 2134 Img 2133 Img 2131 Img 2130 Img 2129 Img 2125 Img 2119

LOT 1:

Paper complete and Lath are in progress on the outside.

Drywall hanging is complete on the inside and Drywall inspection is scheduled for Monday 7/15.


LOT 2:

Framing of lower floor complete, subfloor for main floor complete. Next weeks, walls will stand for the main level.


LOT 3:

Foundation is complete for the home. 

Waterproofing and backfilling behind the retaining wall is in progress. 

Shortly thereafter framing will commence.


LOT 4:

Outside Lath competed and passed inspection. 

Sratch coat of stucco is in progress.

Siding installation is in progress

On the inside, Drywall Hanging is complete and passed Screw inspection.

Next week the Drywall taping and bathroom waterproofing will be completed.

Img 2690 Img 0481 Img 2030 Img 6890 Img 2701 Img 5284 Img 8670 Img 9824 Img 8008 2

LOT 1:

  • All trades inspection passed.
  • Insulation has started.
  • Dry wall material is stocked and will begin installation on Monday after we pass insulation inspection on Monday.
  • Installation of all doors  is complete.


LOT 2:

  • Framing is underway at the lower level.
  • In 2 weeks we are planning to call for sheer inspection.


LOT 3:

  • Pre pour inspection for the last wall passed on Wednesday.
  • Waterproofer completed surestop today.
  • Foundation sub is working towards closing the forms by forms by tomorrow and concrete is planned to be poured on Monday. This is the last piece of concrete on the last of the four homes on this project. We are excited about this milestone as the framing will start soon after that.


LOT 4:

  • Dry wall was delivered on Tuesday and has started installation today.
  • Paper and lath on the exterior are almost complete and we are expecting to pass Lath inspection mid next week.
  • Installation of all doors is complete.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image

Lot 1:

  • Rough electrical is in progress.
  • Rough HVAC IS 100% complte.
  • Rough plumbing is 100% complete.
  • Fire sprinklers inspection scheduled for 6/28.
  • All trades rough inspection is scheduled for 7/2 and 7/3.
  • Backyard patio concrete is poured.
  • Retaining wall footing poured.

Lot 2:

  • Framing has started.
  • Drainage, Waterproofing and Backfill has begun.

Lot 3:

  • In slab plumbing and in slab plumbing inspection were both completed.
  • Foundation contractors completed all the preparation for the slab. and passed structural and city inspections yesterday.
  • Middle level slab is poured as of 6/28 and is in progress.

Lot 4:

  • All trades inspection passed this week.
  • Insulation is completed and insulation inspection passed.
  • Ready for dry wall.
  • Exterior of the house has been papered.
  • Lath has been completed and waiting for inspection in order to start the scratch coat of stucco.

Img 1277 Img 3152 Img 3166 Img 4356 Img 7899

Lot 1: Soffits are completed, the 2nd story deck  framing is completed and all rough plumbing and rough HVAC is completed. Electrician is installing cans. Next week we will finish rough fire sprinklers. We will target to start pulling of electrical wires as well.


Lot 2: Drainage and Backfill of all retaining walls is complete. Framing material is delivered and will start in full swing on Monday.


Lot 3: Remaining piers for mid level house slab were poured, backfill was completed this week. Plumbers are working to complete in slab plumbing for mid level slab by tomorrow. We have in slab plumbing inspection on Monday and several tasks with goal to pour mid level slab by next Friday.


Lot 4: Fire sprinklers completed, Electrical wires are being completed throughout the house. We have all trades rough inspections scheduled for Monday and  Tuesday, followed by insulation installation and inspection towards the end of next week.

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Lot 1: Rough HVAC and Rough Plumbing are complete. Team is working on Soffits and installing doors next week.


Lot 2: Foundation is 100% complete. Framing starting Monday.


Lot 3: Water proofing and backfill of retaining wall complete. Forms for upper slab underway. Next week, we will also pour 6 remaining piers and plumbers will complete in slab plumbing.


Lot 4: Soffits 95% complete, HVAC, Plumbing 100% complete. Fire sprinkler 80% complete. Next week we will complete installing all exterior doors, pulling in all electrical wires. Also target go pass all trades inspection.

Img 1844 Img 7310 Img 6025 Img 1322 Img 5655 Img 2649 Img 5187

Lot 1- This week, Framer completed items for waterproofing of exterior decks. Water proofing was completed for exterior decks. Most doors and windows with a few exceptions are now installed. Rough Plumbing is currently on its way. Next week rough HVAC will be completed and also creation of Soffits.


Lot 2 - In slab plumbing was completed and passed plumbing inspection on Wed. Foundation subcontractor is preparing for final slab and perimter wall pour scheduled for next Wed. Next week, we will begin Framing.


Lot 3 - Water proofing and backfilling for the lowest sections behind the retaining walls was completed. Water proofing for the middle section was also completed. The team is working on re-compacting dirt as well as backfilling. Next week, we are expecting to pour the piers for the mid level slab.


Lot 4 - Deck water proofing was completed, door pans were installed, soffits were created along with several minor framing changes. Next week, Rough Electrical and Rough Fire Sprinkler work will be completed.

Img 0706 Img 1386 Img 1468 Img 2747 Img 3126 Img 4141 Img 5014 Img 6584 Img 6735 Img 8261 Img 9690 Img 9538 Img 9690

Lot 1:

Most of the windows are installed. HVAC ducting is complete on 2nd floor.  Next week, Plumbing will be worked on before HVAC can be completed on 1st floor. 


Lot 2:

Drainage behind the wall is complete. Piers for top level living area as well as garage area  were poured, the walls for lower level is water proofed and backfilled.  Next week, plumber will do in slab work along side the preparation for slab for the 2nd floor living area. 


Lot 3:

Forms were stripped, drainage behind the wall is complete. Because of the rain, more dirt collapsed and was removed. Some sections of walls are water proofed. Next week, the entire wall will be water proofed and backfilled. 


Lot 4:

Rough HVAC is complete. Window installation is being worked on.  Next week Framer will install the soffits which will unblock the electrician for rough electrical work.

Img 1702 Img 1703 Img 1704 Img 1705 Img 1706 Img 1707

Lot 1: 

Rough frame is 100% complete and is ready for shear inspection


Lot 2: 

Retaining wall sub drain work is in progress


Lot 3: 

Retaining wall sub drain work is in progress


Lot 4: 

Rough plumbing is in progress


Img 1551 Img 1553 Img 1554 Img 1555 Img 1557 Img 1558 Img 1560 Img 1561 Img 1552

Lot 1:

Trusses have delivered and are being installed.

Plumber has started the plumbing layout.


Lot 2:

Concrete for the basement retaining wall is poured.


Lot 3:

Concrete for the basement retaining wall is poured.


Lot 4:

Trusses are installed.

Plumbing is in progress.

This lot is ready for Shear inspection on 5/20.



Img 1525 Img 1526 Img 1514 Img 1515 Img 1516 Img 1517
Lot 1:
- 2nd floor is framed and sheathed.
- Plumbing is to begin next week.
- HVAC layout has started.
Lot 2:
-Concrete contractors are installing the forms and finishing the retaining wall rebar in preparation for concrete pour.
Lot 3:
- Concrete contractors are installing the forms and finishing the retaining wall rebar in preparation for concrete pour.
Lot 4:
- Plumbing work has been started.
- HVAC layout has been started.
- Trusses have been delivered and are ready for install.

Img 1313 Img 1314 Img 1315 Img 1317 Img 1318 Img 1321 Img 1322 Img 1324 Img 1325

Extensive tree trimming is underway on the property which will open up the views and help with Sales & Marketing. We have a few engaged buyers with whom we are following up deligently.

Lot 1: Outside plywood and Second floor sub floor are 100% complete.We are working on standing walls for the 2nd floor.

Lot 2:The slab for the basement is 100% complete. Retaining walls are being worked on.

Lot 3: Basement slab is poured. Retainingg walls for the upper level are worked on.

Lot 4: 2nd floor walls are standing, plywoods will be worked on. 

Img 1244 Img 1245 Img 1246 Img 1247 Img 1248

Lot1: 1st Floor wall frames are 100% complete. Second Floor sub flooring is 100% complete.

Lot2: Basement wall rebar is 75% complete.

Lot3: Sub grade preparation and Matt slab rebar is being worked on.

Lot4: 2nd Floor sub flooring and wall layout is 100% complete.


Img 1218 Img 1219 Img 1220 Img 1221 Img 1222

Lot 1: First floor got framed. 2nd floor joists were installed.

Lot 2: Rebar for Retaining wall for lower floor is installed and will be ready for inspection next week.

Lot 3: Plumbing inspection passed at the basement level. Started putting forms for slab. Expect to pour the slab at basement level next week. 

Lot 4: Sub floor for 2nd floor started today.


Img 1148 Img 1149

On Lot 1 and Lot 4, we have poured the foundation and have started framing the homes. We are eager to be able to show the homes framed in order to best gain excitement from potential buyers. Lot 2 and Lot 3 foundation is making progress and we are scheduled to jump directly from framing 1 and 4. The cul-de-sac improvement work continues with the next large milestone being to start PG&E and water work for the new homes.

Img 2621 Img 2622 Img 2623 Img 2624 Img 2625 Img 2626 Img 2627

We are currently working on the subdivision improvements for the cul-de-sac. The large retaining wall and sewer work are complete and we will now begin working on the other utilities. The lot 1 foundation will be poured next week and we hope to also be able to pour the lot 4 piers. The rain has been a setback on the project, but we are hoping with a short break in the weather next week, we can make significant progress. 

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On Aron Court, we are pushing ahead on the construction of the cul-de-sac with pier wholes drilled, rebar laid, and underground utilites continuing to make progress.  We are looking forward to completing the large retaining wall along the cul-de-sac next week, before proceeding forward with the sidewalk and adjacent reaining wall.  The piers for Lot 1's foundation are drilled, the inslab plumbing is complete, and we will be getting inspection next week in order to pour the first floor slab.

S 1.1 photo markup 1550008613070 S 1.1 photo markup 1550008609696 C 2.0 photo markup 1550008611865

We are well underway with the new cul-de-sac construction. We have constructed the large retaining wall that is on the uphill side of Talbyrn and have also completed the new sewer manhole construction. We will be working on installing utilities next for the cul-de-sac construction. The four homes are ready for foundation. We are currently working on lots number one and two, and then will be moving on to lots three and four. The foundation contractor, plumber, and framer will be working on the site simultaneously to make as much progress as possible.

S 1.1 photo markup C 2.0 photo markup 2 C 2.0 photo markup

We are waiting on the city of Belmont for the final signed paperwork in order for us to record the final parcel map with the county.  We are also finalizing the design specifications in order to complete the marketing materials, and will soon be bringing the lots to market one by one.  Please let us know if you know anyone who may be interested in buying or wants more information on any of the four homes.

Demolition is now complete and tree removal has finished. We are working closely with the City of Belmont to record our Final Parcel Map and Grading Permit so we can begin grading work.

The Final Map was approved by City Council this week. We are now working towards completing the requirements to pull the subdivision improvement plans and to record the Final Map with the County of San Mateo. We are actively researching cost savings related to the structure of the four homes and are working tightly with contractors to solidify bids.

Our City Council meeting is now scheduled for April 10th, at 7pm at the City of Belmont. This meeting is to officially record the final parcel map, approve the 3-way stop sign, adopt the name change to "Aron Court", and to vacate the Right of Way required to construct the new cul-de-sac. Demolition of the existing structure and tree's is scheduled for April 4th in prepartion to begin subdivision improvement work as soon we get City Council Approval.

The Subdivision Improvement Plans and Final Parcel Map have been approved by the City of Belmont. We are currently awaiting our Lot 1 and Lot 4 Building Permit comments. We will be resubmitting Lot 2 and Lot 3 this week. The City of Belmont has a grading moratorium until April 15th. We will be working with the City of Belmont, in collaboration with our contractors, to see what work, if any, we can proceed with prior to that date. 

The subdivision and site improvement plans are currently being reviewed by Public Works. Once the plans have been approved, we will begin the process of pulling the encroachment permits and getting our bonding in place for the work that is required in the public right of way. There is a grading moritorium in place until April which will greatly diminish the amount of work we are able to proceed with.

We have reviewed the Subdivision Improvement and Final Map plans with the plan checker to ensure all comments are addressed. We will be formally submitting this week. In addition, we will be resubmitting Lot 1 and Lot 4 building comments this week. Lot 2 and Lot 3 comments we are anticipating this week.

We have now compiled responses and documents to all of the comments as they relate to the Subdivision Improvement and Final Map. We will be attempting to set up a time next week to sit down with the plan checker to ensure we are on the same page with all items prior to formal submission. In addition, we are making good progress on addressing the Building Comments for Lot's 1 and 4. We should be ready to re-submit after the Holiday weekend. We are currently waiting to receive comments from Building Department on Lot's 2 and 3 as they are more complex and were submitted about one week later.

We have received comments from our submission to the Building Department for two of the four homes. We anticipate receiving comments on the other two submissions next week sometime. It will take us two weeks to turnaround re-submission to address those comments. As for the Final Map and the Improvement Plan, we are making progress and are working through the final requirements from the City of Belmont.

All four lots have now been submitted to the Building Department. We are also in communication with Contractors in order to collect proposals now that we have structural plans. We are also working to finalize our Subdivision Improvement Plans and Final Parcel Map. 

Two of the four homes are currently in their second week of Building Plan check. The other two homes Building Permit submission are prepared and are ready to submit this week. With with full package together, the objective will be to send it out to trades for bid over the coming weeks concurrent to plan review.

We have started our first construction activities with abatement on the existing structure's hazardous material. This is a predecessor to complete demolition. As for the permit submissions, two of the four homes were submitted to the Building Department on Friday of last week. We are working on complete the other two packages for submission to Building late this week or beginning of next. We are still ironing out the last of the comments for the Site Improvement and Final Parcel Map prior to formal resubmission.

We are nearing completion on two of the four building permit submissions. The reason for offset in timing has to do with the severe grade of the two remaining plan sets which adds to the complexity of the design. We are also spending a great deal of time preparing for the Site Improvement and Final Parcel Map packages. By working upfront with all parties, we are hoping to eliminate any possible comments prior to re-submitting and wasting costly time waiting for comments. Also, for anyone interested in watching the presentation to the Planning Commission that we had earlier this month, the video and minutes have been added to the following link: Planning Commission Meeting 09/05.

Now that we have planning commission approval, the next three large milestones will be to obtain our Site Development permit and Final Parcel Map, and submit to the Building Department for the individual homes. We are pushing to submit to Building in the next two weeks and are working with our consultants to wrap up the last of the comments remaining for the Site and Final Parcel Map.

We are working with the Civil Engineer on what we hope to be the last of the submittals to Belmont in order to obtain the Site Development permit. The Site Development work includes the construction of the new cul-de-sac, drive path, sidewalks, curbs, and utilities. Our goal will be to commence this work as soon as possible so we can jump into the construction of the 4 homes as soon as we have approval from Planning and Building Department. As mentioned in previous updates, the Planning Commissioning meeting is scheduled for tomorrow evening at the City of Belmont. Our goal for this meeting will be for the Commissioners to approve the project so we can move on to Building Department submission. I have attached some snapshots of our presentation for you to take a look at.

Screenshot 2017 09 04 15.16.20 Screenshot 2017 09 04 15.16.35 Screenshot 2017 09 04 15.16.57

Our Planning Commissioning date of 09/05 has been confirmed. For anyone, especially those who live in the Belmont Community, who would like to come out and show their support, it would be greatly appreciated! We are hoping to have our homes be the first on the agenda at 7pm. We have also been working closely with the Structural Engineer over the last week for design development of the structural plans.

We are currently working with the Design Team to finalize the Planning Commission presentation. We have a tentative date of September 5th for the hearing on all four homes in Belmont. We are working with the Structural Engineering team on a Design-Build approach to ensure that the proposed foundation designs are aligning with our budget. I have included a preview of some renderings that we will be using for presentation purposes.

2017 08 17  img 1 2017 08 17  img 2

We are awaiting confirmation for our public hearing date on all four homes. In the meantime, we are working with the design team in order to prepare the Building Permit package. 

We have received preliminary feedback from the Planning Department that two of the four lots have gained staff support. We will be working with the City of Belmont towards the beginning part of next week to address their concerns on the other two properties. Our goal will be to submit all four lots at the end of next week for what we hope will be the final submittal for Planning. Once that is complete, we will be put on the schedule for Planning Commission meeting.

We have resubmitted three of the homes to Planning. The fourth home, we have been going back and forth with Belmont to ensure that what we are re-submitting gains their support. The topography of the site makes conforming to their general guidelines quite difficult but our team is working diligently to make it happen. We just received the second round of comments on our Final Parcel Map and are expecting Site Improvement comments early next week. We are also concurrently working toward the demolition permit so we can hit the ground running once we have the Site Improvement permit.

Over the last few weeks, our primary focus has been to ensure that we are in the best shape possible going into our Planning Commission meetings. This includes completing neighborhood outreach as required as part of the public process and also having multiple meetings with the Planning Department to ensure we have their full support. We are also working to secure a demo permit and to begin Site Improvement work concurrent to Planning feedback.

We have received comments from Public Works and Planning on our first round submissions. All in all, they were relatively minor comments and our design team is currently working to implement the City of Belmont's comments. We are going to be resubmitting to Public Works documents early next week and Planning towards the end of next week.

We received Public Work comments last week and are working to address them. We are anticipating getting Planning comments over the next couple weeks for all four homes. 

Our consultants have been working hard in preparation to submit all four lots for Planning review next week. We have also begun speaking with contractors and vendors in order to value engineer the design.

For this project, we are using an Integrated Project Delivery approach- where all consultants are involved from the first design iteration in order to expedite the design process as much as possible. The tight coordination has been paying dividends in the form of delivering some very promising conceptual designs. We are working to finalize all building footprints and floor plans, while considering Structural and Civil conditions, prior to completing design development. We are hoping to formally submit to the planning department next week.

Screenshot 2017 02 24 15.56.39 Screenshot 2017 02 24 15.57.05 Screenshot 2017 02 24 15.57.17 Screenshot 2017 02 24 15.57.32 Screenshot 2017 02 24 15.57.57 Screenshot 2017 02 24 15.58.15 Screenshot 2017 02 24 15.58.44

Talbryn pre-construction is in full swing. We are preparing to submit the Final Parcel Map towards the end of this week. We are simultaneously working on the Architectural design, Arborist report, and Soils Engineering. We have included the conceptual design of the homes below, enjoy!

Talbryn Conceptual Renderings from Aron Developers LLC on Vimeo.

Our Civil Engineer has completed the first progress set for the subdivision improvement plans. Meanwhile, we are thoroughly vetting multiple Architecture and Structural Engineering firms in order to begin work on conceptual design of the four properties. 

Screen shot 2017 01 20 at 4.43.10 pm Screen shot 2017 01 20 at 4.44.06 pm Screen shot 2017 01 20 at 4.44.16 pm Screen shot 2017 01 20 at 4.45.25 pm